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1400 South Church Street B, Charlotte, North Carolina 28203, United States

(980) 299-4389


About Us

Our Chef and Staff

Let’s Meat (만나자) is Lisa and Tim’s second restaurant venture as husband and wife. They have decided to bring authenticKorean tastes to an area that could use a better Asian narrative in food rather than say Fried Rice. Food lover and beer drinker, now joint restaurateur; these two welcome their first joint venture in Charlotte with the Seoul Food Meat Co. Basing their projects much on what they have based their life upon; you should expect good food and lots of fun when visiting their establishments. Established May 2016.

Seoul in Charlotte

 “We are excited to welcome our guests to an experience they will never forget: from our boundless menu items consisting of freshly prepared meats; to our refreshing and traditional Korean ban-chan (side-dishes); you will experience a wide array of complex flavors that will give 

your palate a new perception of BBQ.” 


Charlotte Agenda

"Let’s Meat is a fun, casual, engaging experience that’s unique to the South End neighborhood and will absolutely kill it."